The weather greatly affects my mood

I am tired all the time. I have been fighting sleep every night for the last two weeks. Initially, I couldn’t figure out why, but then it dawned on me: The weather has me down.

This wasn’t always so, I loved snow as a kid. I remember the snow ball fights with friends, making snow angels, or building forts from the giant mounds of snow. I would stay outside forever, or it seemed so, anyway. least until mom called me to come in.

I dislike snow now. As a person with Cerebral Palsy that affects mainly my legs (specifically, my right leg), I have trouble walking most days, so the snow makes it more difficult to walk. When the snow starts to melt and later turns icy, this only gets worst.

I always knew I was sadder in the winter months than the other months. I find the months: December and January to be the worst, with the month of February being a hit, or a miss.

Winter was unusually difficult this year with its short days and longer nights, its cold days and still colder nights, and lots and lots of snow.

It took to day for me to realize that it was the weather, which was affecting my mood. The snow is gone. It is sunny, it’s getting a bit warmer, and I feel much better. The days are getting longer; the sun doesn’t set until almost six in the evening; this makes me feel even happier.

I like Spring.
—Robert Confiant 13 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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