There was a time

There was a time, when I was very much younger, that I was born in the wrong decade. As I grew up watching the old black and white television shows, which showed the home some values and beliefs, I found myself drawn to that era (not that it was all that much different than the time I grew up in – the early 70s). It’s just that I never swore until I was fourteen, and I only did it on a dare. After seeing the beginnings of separation and divorce, I valued the nuclear family that I saw on ‘the idiot box,’ as my dad called it.

It’s an idiotic notion, now I see, but at the time this ideal seemed to be valid.

I understand that life is never perfect, and that roses come with thorns. Sometimes it is better to separate and divorce rather than live in misery. Nothing is black and white. Nothing is perfect.

Those days of thinking I grew up in the wrong era are all gone. The reality of life has changed my view.

Although it was as prevalent as it is today, I am sure there were a lot of hidden secrets buried in the past. Did you ever wonder why there are so many reports of murders, rapists, serial killers, etc. today but you rarely hear of these from the past? They sure kept them secret…

No, growing up in the forties and fifties would not have been good for me as a gay and disabled person. Life would have been much more difficult, if not dangerous. I would have had to live the life of being a ‘confirmed bachelor,’ or come out as a ‘roaring gay’.

My life may not be perfect to outside observers, but I have created a good life with my family and my friends.
—Robert Confiant 5 June 2016

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