This craft of writing is a funny occupation

This craft of writing is a funny occupation. After struggling for months, actually since the end of last year, I have started to write again.

Over almost the last year, I have experienced, so many false starts. Usually, the issue was that the story resembled my first novel too much, I just didn’t get into it at all – I wasn’t too sure where the story would lead, or the writing was just pure trash. Then the middle of this week, it hits me — the eureka moment. The brainstorming won’t stop and I struggle to put it all down. Since I write for a specific genre, namely Young Adult Fantasy Fiction, and it is a sequel, I have to recall all that I have written before (luckily, I keep notes and I have a copy of the first book handy).

In my review of the world in which I previously created, it feels strange to re-visit some of the original characters and places once again. The most difficult part; however, is getting back in the cultures and languages of the various races. One day in the near future, I could see myself having to create alphabet and a language (I may have to get the internet to help me with this based on the ruminants that I have already written) – lol.

The trick in the coming months is to write what I believe would happen, to have it tie into the previous story, and to make it uniquely its own.

I must say, though, “It is good to be back in the world I first created.”
—Robert Confiant 21 October 2016

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