What music means to me

In middle school, I joined the school band. I was initially taking Home Economics, but I decided to switch. I switched because I was the only guy in the class and it felt too weird. It’s not the greatest reason to change classes, but there it is.

I played clarinet. By the time I graduated high school, I managed to make it to second clarinet. Unfortunately, my disability made getting to first clarinet impossible. I could only go so quickly without making errors. Also, by graduation, I took up classical guitar and I was in the choir.
Thus, music played a big part in my life.

Music gave me an appreciation of the various musical genres, namely: classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, country and rock ‘n roll. The benefit of this is that over the years, I have been open to all types of music. I may not enjoy ever song I hear, but I at least give it an ear when a song is playing.

Unfortunately, I let it go. After high school, I stopped playing and singing. Now, I cannot even sing. As my co-worker will attest to when she states, “Don’t give up your day job.” Still, I enjoy a good tune and excellent lyrics when I hear them.

Lyrics, that is what I have become a ‘lyrics’ man. As a (renewed) writer, I really dig great lyrics. Songs that make you feel and emote you. I do my best writing while listening to music.
—Robert Confiant 17 September 2016

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