Why I write (this blog)

When I was younger, I wrote poetry. I wrote poetry to express how I felt. Depression isolated me. It kept me from discussing my doubts, my fears, my darkness, but mostly, it kept me from talking about my insecurities. I turned to writing poems. They were good work; some were even brilliant, but all were depressing; and they are no more. I never kept them (this was before the internet became the internet of today, before there was such a thing as posing).

After I snapped out of my depression, I stopped writing. I became an avid reader instead. I read on average three or four novels, or books, a week. At one point, I even worked in a book store. I loved that job.

A few years ago, I took up writing again. It started with poetry. Again, some of it was good, some of it is terrible and perhaps one or two might be good. My writing, like most other people’s writing, is subjective. I even started writing short-stories.

It became a renewed desire. I even took a few writing courses, and I even took a grammar refresher course.

I self-published a book. Book one of a fantasy series. I have some regrets now, but I cannot undo what I have done. I wished I didn’t feel, so quick to publish it and to get it properly edited. Other than that, I like the story.

I tweet, and I blog. When not writing poetry, short-stories, or working on my book, I spend all my time on-line.

My blog is what started this piece. I wanted to discuss the nature of my postings. I come up with a post idea, but I feel it is not enough to just write about a topic. I feel one needs to personalize the topic with examples. As I write about life, my events, my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, I feel I ought to provide some context, so I use my life. I purposely try to keep it to me, thus I keep other peoples name out of my stories to keep their anonymity intact.

I, also, write; to ‘write.’ I really enjoy it. I look forward to the time I spend writing.

So there you have it, the reason for this blog in a nutshell.

I hope you enjoy (at least once in a while) what I discuss on here.

Robert Confiant 15 October 2016

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