An outing and a discovery

I went to the Columbia StreEat FI went to the Columbia StreEat Food Truck Festival here in New Westminster today with two co-workers.

They guys dropped by my place first. It was the first time that I had a chance to show the new condominium to anyone. They were impressed with the suite and the building (I have a great view of the North Shore Mountains as well).

We walked from the building. It wasn’t far, but it was all downhill. I found the walk hard on my right knee. I guess, even though my medicine is helping me walk better, my knee still has osteoarthritis (OA). Although, it (OA) wasn’t as bad as it once was.

The festival was a good time (crowded, but good).

I kept the eating to two trucks: entrées and desserts. We went to one of the beer gardens and shared three pitchers of beer (about three drinks each).

The weather was beautiful; it was sunny and hot, but not too hot because we went or the festival in the late afternoon, and just before dinner time.

I am truly blest to have not only good co-workers, but they happen to be good friends too. I am indeed a lucky man. I guess, that is all I want to say, “I am a blessed man.” My only other hope is that you are as equally blest.
—Robert Confiant 29 July 2017 (mod 26 March 2018)

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