Back issues… a humbling experience

Last weekend I hurt my lower back.

It was getting better a few day ago, but then I somehow re-injured it.

Yesterday I could barely move. I had to rely on others to make it through my work day and the rest of the evening. Relying on people is not something I do well.

I do not believe it is a vanity issue. In fact, I highly doubt this would be the case, as I am used to having pain and being in pain because of my disability.

As someone with a disability (and I hate that word, but it is the one I grew up using, so I am using it here), I have (always) strive to do things myself and to not rely on others much to the point that I am now predisposed to be otherwise.

So, I find it hard to rely upon others. I had to rely on my co-works to help me to the car and to my partner to pick me up at work. I don’t like it; however, given my present circumstances, I was in no condition to shun their generosity. I had take it all in stride. I had no other alternative. What else could I do, but to rely on the generosity of my co-workers and my friends, and my partner? I am greatly honoured that I have people I can depend upon when needed. It is not a bad place to be.
—Robert Confiant 15 July 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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