Navigating the stairway

I am walking stairways like most people do: Step down one step with the left leg and step down the next step with the right and repeated until I reached the bottom of the stairway, while holding onto the railing. From what I observed, this is how most people climb down a stairway.


It has not always been this way for me.

I believe it was true when I was a youngster, but I cannot remember, and this was before video, so there is no record to prove what I say is true; however, as far as I am aware this is true.

Over the years, and it has been many years now, I have stepped down with the right and stepped down on the same step with my left leg, paused, and then repeated this sequence of motion, while holding the railing, until I reached the bottom of the stairway.

So, it was a surprised a few weeks ago that (well, except for holding the railing), I was walking down a stairway properly. I stated that I was surprised because I have been walking the other way for so long that I did not immediately realize that I was climbing down the stairway differently. Then one day a few weeks ago, this realization hit me. Not only did the new medicine (Dantrium) help me to walk. It improved my flexibility, which not only helped me walk better, but it lessened the number of times I fell, and it improved my ability to navigate the stairway more efficiently and correctly. My sense of balance is still a little off; hence this is the reason why I still hold onto the railing.

I am gladdened by the improvement I have observed over these last two months, or so.
—Robert Confiant 27 July 2017

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