No time?

It’s strange how we all exclaim that we have no time, but, we waste our time on social media. Many of us spend hours and hours on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like. We spend most of our time on the internet or wasting our time watch television (if you are from my generation).

We spend more time complaining that “We have no time.”

If you want time for stuff, then you must plan for it.

Currently I work full-time Monday to Friday, I write in my spare time, I read (on Transit to and from work), and I am attempting to learn French. That is a lot to juggle.

This weekend I deleted my old blog, so I have spent much of my time transferring my blog post to the new blog. As a result, I have had to put everything else aside. Because this is important to me, I view it as the cost of doing so. It took me a long time, and I am almost done. Soon I will be able to get back to my other endeavours.

One can’t do it all, so one must pick and choose one’s priorities. It’s a balancing issue. This weekend the blog movement took priority. I will be back to my usual routine soon enough. After all, I must get back to work tomorrow.
—Robert Confiant 21 June 2017

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