I am here sitting watching my cat on the ottoman cleaning herself.

I have a cat named Terra. She is twelve years old. I never thought I was a ‘cat’ person. I grew up owning dogs throughout the early part of my life. For a long time, I never owned a pet.

When I moved to Vancouver and settled in, I was at a friend’s apartment who owned four cats, and I discovered they liked me. I must admit this was much a surprise as I did not really care for them; however, the youngest, a female, won my heart. My friend used to take a nap in the afternoon. One time, while my friend slept, I decided to lie down on the chesterfield and when I awoke the young, female cat was sleeping on my chest. From then onward, I was hooked.

I decided to get my own cat. Another friend of mine owned three cats; her newest, a rescue, was afraid of this friend’s other two cats. Missy would hide in the closet and she would not come out. This friend asked me to take Missy, which I did. Unfortunately, a few years later, Missy died from cancer. Afterwards, I vowed that I would not get another cat; however, this did not last long.

Two weeks later, a co-worker told me of her neighbour whose cat had a litter and they were having difficulty finding homes for the kittens. This co-worker bugged me for weeks to take a kitten and I kept saying, “No.” This co-worker kept pleading for me to adopt one of the kittens. After four weeks of this, I caved in and I agreed to adopt one of the kittens. I picked the kitten that looked very like Missy my previous cat.

For the first week, I refused to name her. During this week, my roommate suggested some names, but I could not decide on one. I wanted to observe my kitten before I named her. By the end of the week, I mentioned to said roommate that the kitten was a holy terror, and thus, I got the ideal of the name “Terra.” She has been with me ever since.


Luckily, she is a very adaptable cat. She has moved about six times, and she has dealt with three different roommates, and now, a life partner. She has dealt with more change with ease than most people have experienced in a lifetime.

Sure, she can be moody and turn on a dime, but she is affectionate in her own way, but she is not a lap kitty. Although, she is mellowing out a bit in her old age.

I love my cat, and most days, she loves me. My Terra.
—Robert Confiant 7 June 2017

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