Thoughts after the move

It is quieter here. Not completely silent (it is still a city after all), but it way better than it was living in downtown Vancouver. It did not help that we lived in an apartment by the alley way with all the trucks passing through most of the day, and it doesn’t help that there is construction at the other end of the alley way.

Currently live on a side street here in New Westminster. It is different. It reminds me of my time living in Marpole (south Vancouver).

I even managed to go out on the balcony a few times. Quite the feat as I am not good with heights. It is a nice view of the North Shore mountains. We sit out in the evenings (we get the afternoon sun in the summer months). I get to watch the sun set on clear evening.

The people seem friendlier here, as oppose to downtown Vancouver, but I personally never had trouble meeting people generally. Although, I am not good in a big crowd of people I do not know, I am very comfortable with one-on-one contact, or in small groups of two or three.

So far, I am liking the change. I still have a bit of unpacking to do, but that will come.
—Robert Confiant 8 July 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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