What keeps me up

My mind is always, “On.” Some nights, it is so difficult time quieting my thoughts. Tonight, is one of those nights. I know It is going to be a late night.

When I tell someone, “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

That same someone will often reply, “What’s on your mind?” Or, “What’s keeping you up?”

In the long past, in the sad times, I would have said, “Nothing.” Even though it was the furthest from the truth. The truth was everything kept me a wake. I worried about every terrible scenario, about the past, about the present, and I worried about the future. Thankfully, for the most part, those dark days have long past; they are history. I have learnt to stay in the now. I no longer fret for the future, nor dwell on past errors: Why worry about things that may or that one cannot control. Likewise, why worry about past mistakes? So, I opt to stay in the present.

“So, what keeps you up then,” you might ask?

Simple, I cannot sleep. My mind doesn’t turn off, so easily.

After a day of work, maybe I read too much, or vegged out on TV, or surfed the internet too much, or spent too on YouTube, or Facebook, or whatever. I don’t know what always triggers it, but I do know that once I relax, I get very creative (too bad it is not on the next novel LOL). Thus, I write. Usually, I write here on this blog. The writing just flows. I am in the zone and I cannot rest until I get it out of me.

wrtiting late

I am a writer, and I write when the muse hits me. Unfortunately, this can be late in the evening or late at night
—Robert Confiant 29 July 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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