New Westminster has a lot of hills.

Yesterday because of road closures, I had to walk home. This is when I realized just how many hills New Westminster has.

I am out of shape. I have lost weight, but I am still extremely out of shape. I walked home from the SkyTrain station, and it nearly killed me. It was hot, and I was carrying more stuff in my backpack. I had to stop and rest twice, but I was still winded. I felt weak and tired by the time I got home. This is terrible to confess; however, the truth hurts sometimes.

Once my back is better, I vow to walk more (yes, on top of it all, I hurt my back). Such is life, I guess. For me, these things occur in numbers (as oppose to one at a time). What can one do? Nothing.

One deals with these things as they occur the best that one can. This philosophy has helped me deal with everything that comes my way.

I am a pragmatist. My being a realist has helped me deal with a lot of heavy, and day-to-day, matters. If I have any advice for others, it is this: Always be true to yourself, always face your struggles head on, and if you need support, then do not be ashamed to seek help as there is no shame in seeking assistance should one need it.
—Robert Confiant 12 July 2017

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