Snippets of Lendaw Series Book 2

I am writing again. I stopped because of the move and my up coming marriage, but I am back at it again.

Here are some snippets:


A breeze filled the room. It grew stronger and stronger. It whirled about the party of four. Still it grew faster and faster and they were gone.
The room stood empty.

With a whooshing sound, the foursome landed.
Cáel collapsed, with a thud, to the ground the doorway closed behind them. Jenna dropped her things and she reached for Cáel. For a moment, she panicked and she did not know what to do. She needed help, then it dawned on her: She took a breath to calm down, took out the Gaper from her pocket, placed in in her palm tightly and she concentrated. Jenna was unsure if anyone would even answer. she only knew, she had to try.

At the mention of his name, Redrick looked up. He looked. Seeing only Jenna’s torso, he raised his head further.
Jenna pulled out her Gaper.
Redrick, reached into his tunic, retrieved his Speculum, and showed it to him.
“Well, lass, if yea please, have a seat. We dawn’t want peoples listenin’ in.”
Jenna sat down. The barkeep came over and he took her order. Once Jenna had her nectar and the waitress departed, Redrick leaned in toward Jenna and whispered, “What’s with the cloak and dagger?”
“I have been away for quite some time, and I do not know whom I can trust.”
“Tis fair, missy. Lots of no good going on.”
Jenna gave a quizzable look.
A drunkard staggered over, he almost smashed into their table.
“Perhaps, we should finish off our drinks, and then check in on your friend. These other matters can wait.”

Trae released him, and hissed, “It is my mistake for me to believe you were capable of doing this one simple task.”
“But it is Davin”, whined Nahald, “He will not listen. He says, ‘Ciada is protected,’”
Nahald paused.
“He says, ‘Aukland cannot oppose him.’ He believes himself to be superior, he does not fear me, and he laughs at my warnings.”
Trae returned to the chair and sat down again, Trae’s fingers drummed the leather arm of the chair, “The fool, he does not understand who it is that opposes him. I should have known he would be stubborn idiot. I should have dealt with him myself.”

“Let me in, you fool… I say, ‘Let me in.’” Huffed the little man as he shoved his way through the sentry guarding the entry. The man march to Maia, and gave an exaggerated bow, before he spoke, “Perchance, I may provide some answers.”

So, there you have an ideal of it. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.
―Robert Confiant 5 August 2017

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