Songs vs poetry

I have written two songs.

I have the music for them in my head. I know what genre each would fit into and the sounds each should have. There is a catch though I don’t play music any more.

I haven’t sung or played an instrument; since, I left high school. I have lost the gift of music. It’s a case of: “If you don’t use it… you lose it.” Such, it is with me.

I enjoy writing. I had stopped for a long time, then I rediscovered it again seriously about five or six years ago. I haven’t stopped. If anything, I write a little almost every day.

My return to writing started with poetry, then short-stories, then a book, and then lyrics. Currently, I am working on a sequel to my first book.

I have two songs.

I have the lyrics, I know how it should sound in my head; however, I cannot realistically do the music part, so the songs are just a different form of poetry.

This won’t stop me from writing whatever comes to mind regardless of its classification. I won’t limit myself to a specific genre, style, or form.

I am a writer.
—Robert Confiant 5 August 2017 (mod 26 March 2018)

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