I cannot believe I am saying this, “We could sure use the rain.”

I cannot believe I am saying this, “We could sure use the rain.”

I live in a rainforest. In the winter, it rains anywhere from four to six months of the year. This year was no different, we got plenty of rain and snow in the mountains, and during the spring the winter thaw throughout parts of the province resulted in overflowing of river and streams with the runoff.

This summer was very unusual. It has been extremely dry, to the point where people are begging for rain. The local governments have put water vapouring around young saplings in the hopes of keeping them alive and they are encouraging people in the communities to water the trees at least once a week. Almost everyone here in Vancouver are calling for rain. I certainly hope we get a proper rainfall; a full day’s downpour of rain would be nice.

I sure wish it would rain overnight more often. One year, it rained quite often overnights. It would be good if this was the case again. It has been a very dry summer for a rainforest area. I fear this is becoming a trend. This is the second year in a row, but at least this year’s dry spell isn’t as bad as last year’s.

BC is burning. We’ve had “more than 931 fires…” started this season with “…604,000 hectares destroyed…”, and costing “…the province $243 million.”¹ Last year (2016), there were 1,050 wildfires and 100,187 hectares destroyed and costed the province an estimated $122 million. ² This is just terrible.

We are at the point where we could use a break. The air quality in the lower mainland has been horrible. We’ve gotten a bit of a break yesterday and this morning, but I sure hope it rains as the forecasters predict for tonight and tomorrow. It would greatly improve things; however, we don’t need it as much as the northern parts and the interior of BC.

Some people deny that there is climate change, I can only scratch my head at their denial; when the evidence is plain to see with hectares and hectares of BC forest burning to ash.

BC is not the only province experiencing this either, northern Alberta has seen its share of forest fires too.
―Robert Confiant 12 August 2017 (mod 27 March 2018)

1. Judd, Amy (2017 August 9). “B.C. wildfires status Wednesday: More than 360 wildfires this season are human-caused.” http://globalnews.ca/news/3657702/b-c-wildfires-status-wednesday-more-than-360-wildfires-this-season-are-human-caused/.
2. BC Government (2016 November). Wildfire Season Summary. http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status/wildfire-statistics/wildfire-season-summary.

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