No one knows, finding meaning

No one knows…

No one knows why, why we exist.

The day rises, we go through our hum-drum existence of our ordinary lives: Sleep, eat, plow our way through the day, finally crashing after the sunsets.

Sometimes, I think there must be more to this life. It’s the reason why I appreciate my friends, and value writing as much as I do. These two bring meaning to the ordinary, droned life. They provide the joy that fills my heart.

Friends and family, these are what is important everything else is a bonus. If one can find a career, or hobby that fulfils the soul; all the better. When I rediscovered writing, it filled a need I never knew I was missing.

I said it before, and I’ll keep repeating, “I never understood why I stopped writing in the first place.” Perhaps it was because my earlier writings were, so dark. Unfortunately, I do not have those writing any longer, so I cannot provide a sample. But, dark they were. They were written during my “depression state” of mind. That period was not a good time. I think this was the reason I wrote, so that I could express my emotions, thoughts, and feelings instead of bottling them up.

I re-discovered writing about five years, or so, ago. I started with poetry, then verse, next was short stories, and, finally a book. I am truly happy to have found my writing craft again. It has brought me meaning and purpose in an otherwise ordinary life.

I think it is important that one discovers that obsession, which will make one happier in this life. If not, then I recommend you value your friends and family; they will provide some value and meaning in your life.

Another thought that came to mind today.
—Robert Confiant 3 September 2017

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