Potluck of surprises


Today at work, we had a potluck lunch. The excuse was my up coming nuptials. I am getting married next Friday; I wish to start with the former topic and then the up coming nuptials in today’s blog post.

Potluck meals can potpourri of foods with some surprises thrown in.

I work on the first floor with a fairly big group; we been together as co-workers for many years. The people I work with have potluck meals down to an art form. It isn’t a potluck, in a true sense of the term, we use a signup form on the bulletin board to minimize the chance of duplication. This is not always a perfect solution there are a few people who don’t sign up to bring anything, then inevitably bring something in at the last minute. So, in this respect, there is some ambiguity in what will be presented at meal time.

Our pot lucks are also a cultural smorgasbord of mouth-watering delights and a true reflection of the mosaic of the people I work with.

The ‘man shower’ (for want of a better name when dealing with a gay couple) confirmed what a good group I work with. I am truly blessed. I was surprise to see some of the upper floor staff show up for lunch (the boss, and the boss’ boss). My co-worker and BFF organized it. I was greatly moved.

I have some of these co-workers coming to the wedding banquet. I cannot wait to see them away from work; where they are a little less formal.

It is bound to be a terrific time.
—Robert Confiant 10 August 2017 (mod 27 March 2018)



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