The importance of downtime

I take one day a week where I don’t do much.

I either surf the web, with YouTube being a guilty pleasure, or read, or watch the idiot box (the TV), or some combinations of these. I think it is important to take one day out of my busy life to just “chill-lax.” I follow this rule every week that is unless I am away, or out of the house. I find it helps me to relax, and to refresh myself for the coming week.

Our society can be so busy. We spend so much time working or doing stuff for others that we sometimes forget to take some “me” time. I believe in treating myself to a day off. A “me” day, gives one time for self-reflection, to clear one’s mind, to determine the next-step, or the next-phase, and to just be. The need to “recharge one’s batteries,” so to speak.

This downtime helps me to reflect on where I have been, to determine where I am, and to contemplate on where I am heading in this thing called, “Life.” It helps me to write, or to prepare for the coming week ahead.

I cannot recommend down time enough. Downtime, you just cannot beat it.
—Robert Confiant 10 September 2017 (27 March 2018)

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