Those darn hills, stay off the 8th Street hill

A buddy of mine dropped in to see the place this morning; we went out for brunch. After breakfast, I showed him around the neighbourhood at bit. We ended up going to Shopper’s Drug Mart for a few items, then we walked back to the condominium.

We took 8th Street, New Westminster has lots of hills, some hills are more inclined than other hills, and near my condo, 8th Street is one of the worst hills.

We climbed up half-way before I needed a break to catch my breath. We stopped at Douglas College stairway on 8th Street. If we were smart we would have taken the stairs and cut through the college. I did not think it was an option at the time. When we finally made it to the top to Royal Ave, I needed another few seconds. We rested again at the college stairways on Royal Ave; we sat a little longer on a bench. It was here that I realized we should have cut through the college.

We eventually headed along Royal to Sixth Street and then down to Agnes Street. We stopped one more time near the Elementary School on Agnes, before he got in his car and I went home.

If I don’t start walking these hills in New Westminster more often, these darn hills are going to be the death of me. I know one thing though. I will stay off 8th Street.
—Robert Confiant 13 August 2017 (mod 27 March 2018)

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