A quick peek at my new untitled novel

The sun rises over the horizon. It crimson crown breaks the darkness of the night. As it rises more, the stars and the moon begin to fade. The birds begin their morning calls. As the sun continues to rise, it brightens the morning sky to reveal a clear blue sky.

I turn off the alarm. No need for that now. I am already awake. After a moments hesitation, I roll over. I rise from the bed. I stretch and yawn, Dorby does the same. He looks to me expectantly, as I hobble toward the sliding door, his tail whipping side to side. I open the sliding door, leading to the back yard, Dorby runs out. I grab my track pants, dress, while Dorby does his business. By the time I have my t-shirt on, Dorby comes racing in.
—Robert Confiant 4 December 2017

Author’s note: This never really got off the ground. I got “squirreled” (As in, the dog is playing with his bone until it sees a squirrel run past LOL). Perhaps this will take off at a later date. I could pull it off this blog, but it is still the process of writing.


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