Another year has gone by.

I don’t fret over it like some others do. I never worry. Oh, there was a time when I once did, but that was, so long ago. Today, I treat it as just another year, and nothing more.

The years come, and they go; and we grow older with the passing of time.

One can choose to fret with impending dread, or one can accept that growing old is an ineligibility – a reality of aging. One cannot control this of course, one can only choose how one responds to the truth that is getting older.

I choose acceptance the reality that is aging. I don’t let it bother me, not one bit. Each year, time passes, I take it in stride, “Only another year,” I tell myself. I think the only time I didn’t was when I was turning twenty-five. For some reason, it bugged me, but when I did finally reach twenty-five, I never felt any different. That was when age never became an issue again.

Sure, I am not as young as I once was, but I didn’t care. I felt good. Sure, I have a few more aches and pains, but I have had a lot of pains throughout my life. Because of my Cerebral Palsy (CP), pain and aches were a daily companion.

Not long ago, things with my CP, and with aging, became extremely difficult. I was struggling just to move, and I was falling down a lot (almost everyday, or so. I thought life as I knew it was over, but then I saw a specialist and tried a drug, which helped “turn back the clock,” sort of speak. My spasms lessened, and my muscles relaxed to the point where I no longer feel tenseness in my leg muscles. I had never previously felt such muscle release. I was walking easier and with very less of an impact on my knee and hip joints. The osteoarthritis (OA) lessened, so that my knees and hips no longer ached when I moved. I felt renewed. I still do.

No age is not the issue. For me, it never was. No, the issue is one’s health. If you feel good that is what counts. If this continues, I will be a happy man.
—Robert Confiant 9 March 2018



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