I am basically blind in one eye

I am basically blind in one eye.

Blind in one eye

And, I blame the principal and teachers of my grade school.

I went to a Catholic grade school (K – 8). I had a lot of issues when I went there: I am a “south paw,” I am a person with living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) with a bum leg, crooked teeth, speech issues, and (at 13), no peripheral vision, and still unconfirmed dyslexia (mainly with numbers and some words). It is the story of my vision that I wish to note here.

I was called down to main office of the school one afternoon. There was the principal, the school nurse, and of e of my teacher who all stood in a triangle – one on my left and one on my right and the principal facing me. I was instructed to look at each on my left and then to my right. At first, I did what I always had to do turn my head left wise and then right wise. After doing so again, the principal went behind me and held my head straight and asked me to look left and right only with my eyes. After a bit, I managed to do so. I could see peripherally, I was then dismissed.

By the next year, I developed a lazy eye. When I hit middle school (grade 9), I required glasses. I know you’re doing the math and you’re thinking I am being false, grade 9 would make me 15 years old, and that I am pulling your leg; until, I tell you that I repeated a grade. This event happened.

I am not sure of their reasoning, but they decided at that time that not having peripheral vision was an issue.

I don’t know why, when I first went to the optometrist that he didn’t try to do something for the lazy eye. Years later, when I eventually asked about it, I was told it was too late to treat. So, now for all intense purposes, I am blind. Today, my new optometrist is worried about the possibility of Glaucoma in my good eye. Even though I’ve been tested for it by a specialist.

What can one do? You cannot turn back the clock.
—Robert Confiant 14 March 2018



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