I wonder

The Hospital for Sick Children was such an amazing hospital. The doctors and nurses were great. Between my brother and I, my mother practically lived there.

When I was younger, I treated the nursing staff terribly. I would kick and scream, until my mom had to leave. My only defense in this, is that I associated hospitals with needles, and surgery. Luckily, I grew out of that phase. Now, I adore all medical staff. I just grin and bear any procedure that I have to tolerate. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me LOL, dentists seem to be the ones that benefit the most from this.

Sometimes, I wonder though. What happened to some of the other patients in my stay? Some of them were going through a lot more shit than I was going through. One example, the boy who had bone cancer and had to have his leg cut off above the knee, or the girl who had to have a rod inserted to straighten her spine.

I will never know. I only know, that there are issues were greater than mine.

I never realized this until I got older. I have been through a lot. I have had ten operations as a kid, but none of them too severe or too risky. Others have experienced much worst than I.

This is worth remembering, on the days you are struggling.
—Robert Confiant 26 November 2017

For my friends and family, please note: I am not sad, or depressed. Some ideas come, while watching a sad show or movie. It’s what we writers do.

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