Is it just me

As many of you may know or may not know if you are new to this blog, I am a person with Cerebral Palsy (CP). The form of CP that I have is called, “Spastic diplegia CP.” This form mainly, affects my legs with my right leg being worse than my left leg, so my right leg is my “bad” leg and ergo, my left leg is my “good” leg.

 I never dream that I have Cerebral Palsy. I have always, always, always dream that I have no physical limitations (That I am “normal”). I may play many roles in my dreams: myself, the hero, the soldier, etcetera. In all of them, they show me as physically healthy (I never have CP).
For others, with CP. I am asking, “Is it just me? Is this your experience?”
Truth be told.
—Robert Confiant 21 January 2017 (mod 29 March 2018)

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