It’s getting brighter

It’s getting brighter on the trip home from work and it’s a wonderful thing. After a few months of going to work and coming home from work in the dark, this is terrific.

These last number of years, I have handled the lows that come with the winters that are typical of “Rain-cover.” This is solely to the fact that I constantly remind myself that, “One doesn’t shovel rain.” Although for the past few years, we had some snow (I don’t mean just up in the mountains LOL).

I realize, as I am writing this, I am done with this season, I am ready for Spring to bloom.

This is not too far fetched as it seems, it has happened here as early as the end of January. An early Spring, it was one of the reasons why moved to the west coast; I have the benefit of the milder winters, still get to live in Canada.

The weather isn’t perfect; it makes me feel a bit blue with the sun staying up a little bit more make everything brighter including me.
—Robert Confiant 22 February 2018 (29 March 2018)

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