Je parle un peu français

Parlez-vous français?

My friend calls it, “Squirrel,” as in the dog gets distracted from what it is currently doing by a squirrel that runs by. I use this term too, sometimes, but I sometimes used the word, “Dora,” as in the fish from the movie: Finding Nemo. Whatever the circumstances, or distractions, I usually experience one of the two distractions or forgetfulness.

One of my goals this year is to learn French. I am still trying to learn; however, lately, not a feverously. Oh, I still listen to music or mp3, I have put down the grammar books. I had been hitting the books hard, so that might be the reason why. I find it difficult to keep all that information in my brain (maybe this is an age thing; I am not as young as I once was). In any event, I have decided that I am not giving up this time (n the past, I would have gotten frustrated and just given up. Not this time.

No, I am determined to learn French this year (well, at least a bit of a functioning level). I am currently reading: A Boy Worth Knowing, by Jennifer Cosgrove, but just on my Transit commute. I have decided to put reading English novels aside, once I have completed this book. Instead, I will read French novels instead. I have bought four, or five, French beginners short stories book, which help one to learn French, while reading the stories. This will help me immerse myself more fully in the French language. I will, also, speak with tapes, or read out loud to myself on Wednesday evenings and on weekends (days, which I am alone, so I don’t make a complete ass of myself).

So, I have a game plan. I am not giving up like I once would have done.

Je parle un peu français.
—Robert Confiant 28 February 2018

7 thoughts on “Je parle un peu français

  1. I’m french and I think that your endeavor is wonderful! Keep it up! French is a very sophisticated language and yes, hard to learn but it is rewarding and beautiful. Maybe one day, you will visit Paris? who knows!



  2. I’m excited to find your blog and follow your journey. I’ve been trying to learn French for a long time. I write about the same thing – learning French (while I run and love and cook and eat – it’s basically all I like to do – except I am not very good at it.)

    I’ll be following.


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