People move on

I have a decent work “family.” You know those persons you send five days, or more in some cases, that are your co-workers, but whom one also considers to friends.

For the most part, I work with a good group of co-works. I’ve been lucky that way, it makes going into work more tolerable (not that I wouldn’t want to win the lotto LOL).
There is the “breakfast club,” those who arrive early, sit around, socialize before work (I am of this group. I am one of the guilty persons here an early bird), those with whom I work with, and those whom I socialize with at breaks, and lunchtime. No matter the subset, I have lots of friends at work. I guess, I am too much of a social butterfly.

I had my BFF retire last year. Her husband is joining her at the end of April. I have a buddy retiring at the end of this week. Recently, I discovered another friend is leaving later in the year. I know a few acquaintances, three or four, on other floors who will be leaving before summer. There seems to be quite a few people retiring in such a short time. I cannot blame them. Most of these people have, for the most part, been there a lot longer than I have, so they deserve to retire.

I am philosophical about it. I am not that young not to know by now that people come and go all throughout our lives. They all have their responsibilities, life goals, and the sudden events, which draw each of us in our own direction, or pathway. That’s life.

Even though I will miss them when I go to work, I am happy for them. It is with mix feelings that I let them go. If we keep in touch, then that’s great. If we don’t manage to, then it was nice while it lasted.

I believe people come into one’s life at a time that fits. They bring themselves, and their experiences to help, guide, support, and/or just to be a friend you.
—Robert Confiant 27 February 2018 (mod 29 March 2018)

WTF, I just wrote this a month ago. I can’t stop editing. LOL



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