Posts people like here

It surprises me somewhat, which posts people who view here like.

Some posts that I think are good, get very few hits, while other posts get lots of views. I scratch my head sometimes.

It is hard sometimes to come up with an idea, or topic that I think people will like and enjoy. I cannot let this stop me though. I just write whatever come to me when I sit down to write. I write about everyday experiences. This is difficult when one does not have an exciting life.

My life is very modest. I work an “9 to 5” kind of job. I work as a clerk for a local government. Some would think that each day is the same as the next, and to some degree this is correct. Except there are subtle differences each day. Although the general tasks are the same; the people I interact with are different. These small differences help to make the work bearable. One never knows what circumstances, or type of people one will discover as the day progress.

I try to write about all of it. I write what I know, what I experience, what I feel, my highs, and my lows.

I never mention names here to protect my family and friends; the events and stories did or do happen.

Some of my work is well written, and some of it is pure crap, but I leave it all here (posted up), so you, and I, can see my progress, or lack there of in my writing quality.

“You can always fix crap. You can’t fix a blank page.” ─ Christina Dodd

The above quote, is one of the many reasons I keep write. I write because it has become my passion. I really enjoy it and I strive to improve. No artist, unless they are a prodigy, starts as a master. Even one of the best writers of the last century felt the same:

“The first draft of anything is shit.” — Ernest Hemingway.

 So, I will continue onward. Think of ideas, or topics, and writing once, or twice or three times a week (more if I am so inclined to do so).

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I.
─Robert Confiant 3 December 2017 (mod 29 March 2018)

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