The Seasons

I was off today. On my job, I have every other Friday off (I work extra time each day to get it off, it’s called, ‘Flex day.’ Today, it rained. No surprise there, it rains a lot on the west coast a lot this time of year.

We drove state side to do a bit of shopping, I had no luck, I needed new shoes, but I couldn’t find my size, I have small very wide feet, a men’s size 7 EEE (wide), so either style, or colour become an issue for me. While we were driving, though, it rained off and on the whole drive there and back. Again, no surprise. Living on the west coast, for me, is one of trade offs.

I grew up in Ontario. When I was younger, we had the four seasons: Spring, summer, fall and winter. It was winter that was getting to me. This was especially true when I got older, and my Cerebral Palsy and balance became more of an issue. It got to the point that I loathe the winter season. I could walk well on any given day, but the snow and the ice became troublesome. I fell more often than I could tell. When the seasons changed, winter went pretty much into summers, and summers became sweltering hot, and fall was good, and the winters started later, but were more intense when they did, and spring became somewhat non-existent because it seemed to change from winter into summer (I am exaggerating a bit here, but that is what I observed happened). The intense winters made my life more difficult. It was difficult to walk and maneuver through the ice and the snow without slipping and falling.


When I first visited Vancouver, both times, it was either in January or February. When I visited, it was warm and sunny (I later discovered that this was just a fluke, or beginner’s luck). I was hooked on, what I thought at the time, was awesome Vancouver weather. I later learnt that it rains a lot in Vancouver in the winter months. Once I discovered the reality of living in Vancouver, I became philosophical about it. I told myself that living here was about trade offs. It is a philosophy I still hold today.

After all, one doesn’t shovel rain.
—Robert Confiant 2 March 2018



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