The first snow of the season

The first snow of the season and I am of two minds: part of me delights in the beauty of fresh, pure snow on the ground, while the other part (disabled guy who cannot walk well on a good day), distaste it with a passion.

There was a time, way back when I was a kid, when I loved winter. I grew up in Ontario. We got snow either end of October, or sometime near the beginning of November. Back then, the snow stayed around until the middle of March. Winter in Ontario was great. Cloudy and grey on snowy days, and sunny and brisk on clear days. We kids were rarely in doors. We went sleighing on the big hill, built snowmen, forts or snow angels, or had snow fights or played king of the hill on the huge mounts of snow left at the end of the parking lot.

Now that I am older, and I can no longer walk well on snow, or walk on the ice, I only like the snow I can see on the mountaintops, which surround the lower mainland. I really don’t like the chill any more either. I have become acclimatized to the warmer weather offered here.


The snow is still beautiful though. I guess I will just have to cope with what comes.
—Robert Confiant 19 December 2017

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