Why I live here

It’s darker now in the mornings when I leave to catch the bus in the morning. It’s getting darker going home in the evenings as well. It won’t be long until it’s pitch dark in the morning, and pitch dark in the evening. I find this time of year a trying experience.

I have a SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) light at work. It will soon be time to start utilizing it again. I have offered to share it with a few of my co-workers as well.

Rain season is just around the corner. This is just a fact of living in British Columbia. It can be daunting as well. I often tell newbies to Vancouver when they complain about the rain, “If you can’t handle the rain, then you are living in the wrong province.” If they think it has rained a lot before rain season, then they haven’t seen anything yet. Life in Vancouver is all about trade offs with its milder weather versus the rain.

It has been sunny and warm this week, so there are no complaints. One learns to enjoy the good weather when it comes.

I still choose to live here.

Yes, I miss my family, and Toronto, every once in a blue moon, but I have built a life here now. I have a decent job, do my writing, and I have the best friends a man could want. For the most part, I am happy.

What else can anyone ask for?
—Robert Confiant 12 November 2017 (29 March 2018)


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