Some days I cannot shut off my mind. I think too much.

When I am alone, I am either reading, or writing, or I just listen to music. Still, often, these activities trigger a memory, a thought, or an idea. But is not just when I am alone this occurs even in discussion with others: Occasionally, I may be talking with someone, then I will zone out into my own thoughts until I am brought back to the conversation at hand. I am sure this annoys some, if not all, the people who had this happen to them. But these triggers, help me to think of new material for my writing, and for me, there could be nothing better.

Before I got back to writing, I never noticed my surroundings much. But now that I am writing, I have discovered the importance of observing my surroundings, people’s interactions, situations, etc. I still need to improve on this. I have certainly come further than I was with this. I discovered that the skill of observation and the skill of listening is important, if I wish to be a good writer. One thing I really need to improve on is my listening skills. I need to improve my active listening skills; I must learn to listen to what the other person is conveying.

Another important area to do if one wishes to be a writer, is to read. For quite a while, I was ignoring this component; however, now that I have a longer bus commute to work, I have plenty of time to read. I have read twenty-one books since mid-June of this year. In my readings, I try to note the writings style of each of the author’s that I have read, or that I am currently reading. I believe these observations will aide in improving my writing skills. Also, reading spears new story ideas: some may lead to real gems, while other ideas may perish and die, either way, I win in the end because I am expanding my skills.

This writing thing, I cannot remember exactly when it became important for me. I am just glad that it has become an important aspect of my life.

I found my passion, and this makes me happy.
—Robert Confiant 11 November 2017



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