Love, Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda

My partner and I just got back from watching the move, “Love, Simon.” The movie based on the novel, “Simon vs The Homospapien Agenda, by Becky Ablertalli.

love simon

My partner only saw the movie. He thought it was done well. It was enjoyable.

I read the book a few months back, so I knew the story. The movie differed in certain parts from the book because of the adaption process from book to movie.

One point that both the movie and the book touched on, but down played, was the bullying and one part (which I don’t wish to spoil, so I won’t mention it here). I thought these two parts could have been dealt with more firmly, i.e., the police. Bullying and the other part is intolerable under any circumstances.

The movie did a good depiction of the terrors and insecurities of the coming out process. In Simon’s case, it was a non-issue for the most part as most people were supportive. Trust me, it isn’t always. If one is thinking of coming out after watching this movie, I have one thing to caution; make sure you know it is safe to do come out. I would hate to see anyone get disowned because of it. Make sure you have a safe place to go to.

Other than these concerns, I thought the book, and the movie were good.
—Robert Confiant 30 March 2018

P.S.: I have a greater, spoiler critique version of this, which I will published once the movie has been pulled from all theaters.

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