On reading The Maze Runner Complete Series (five books)

The Maze Runner Complete Series

I downloaded The Maze Runner series, by James Dashner on to my Kindle app. I bought the series because it would be cheaper than buying each book separately (If I can save some money, I will. I am kind of cheap that way).

I read the first book in the series “The Maze Running” and I have started the second “The Scorch Trials”. At first, I thought that I would read them back to back. I find, I cannot do it. It isn’t like the series is bad; on the contrary, it is good. It is just, well I have other things I wish to do. I also that I cannot read another series back to back. This series will take a while, even as much as a year.

I haven’t read a lot these past few years. When I worked at Lichtman’s in Toronto. I used to read two to five books in a week depending on the size of the novel. Then I stopped.

Last year, specifically six months ago, I took up reading again. I can read one or two books in a week. I recently read A Wrinkle in Time series (all three books) and The Chronicles of Narnia (all seven books) back to back, I cannot do this for another series. I need a break. Besides, I have other things I want to do with a full-time job, writing part-time, reading, and learning French, I realized there is only so much time in a day. It is hard to balance each task and keep my interest in doing them.

I have bought and downloaded at least twelve e-books on to my Kindle, or Kobo app. I have yet to read them. I keep buying more books, while they are on sale. I would my reading to be a variety of fiction types and author types, so I don’t get too bored. One must mix things up.

I require time for my writing. It is my passion. I find I write something almost every day. I cannot live without it. I just wish I spent more time on my novel than on the blog, but I write, what I write. I cannot force the issue.

The French thing is hanging in there. I either reading or listening to mp3s. I do a little bit almost every day.

I have a busy life with all the things I wish to accomplish. I understand that I need to allocate time for each interest. It isn’t always easy. It is worth it though.
—Robert Confiant 31 March 2018


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