Awake and writing

I am awake on a Sunday morning at 4:30 on a very long weekend. I awoke from a dream, I cannot even remember; I cannot get back to sleep. I slip on my clothes because the condo is a bit cool. I am sitting here writing as a bit of distraction in the hopes I will get tired and then go back to bed. This seems to be working. I feel a bit sluggish as I write.

I watched a kit of YouTube this evening. There was not a lot of interest on what was on the television, so I vegged out in front of my laptop watching a bit of everything. I am thinking this was a complete waste of time. I should have been writing or working on my French. This way, the past evening would have been productive, and I would have something to show for it. Alas, I wasted the time. I feel I have been doing wasting my time a lot lately.

It is even too early for my cat. Terra got up when I came out of the bedroom, went over to her bowl and she ate some kibbles of her dry food. She’s lying down again, which is what I think I will try to do.

See, time well spent. Very productive on my part.
—Robert Confiant 1 April 2018

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