For the most part

For the most part, “I am an easy going; happy go liking,” “c’est la vie,” kind of guy. It takes a lot to piss me off. I just brush thing off; I don’t let thing bother me much. I cannot hold a grudge for more than two or three days.

Most days, I start the day in a cheerful mood. You do not want to meet me in the morning if you are not a morning person.

Some days, if a customer has pissed me off or it has been a very busy and stressful day, I leave work kind of moody, tired and quiet state. Usually by the time I get home, I have calmed down and I have let the day go. Sometimes, I need a beer or two (they’re like a cigarette for you smokers out there in cyberspace).

Usually when I leave work, the minute I have left the building, I have forgotten all about work. It is rare that I don’t leave it behind after working hours.

Lately due to an unforeseen event and a planned vacation, we are short-handed. I find myself the only clerk in the office. Of course, this means that it is insanely busy at work with lots of applications being submitted and the numerous telephone enquiries. It is stressful. I don’t mind telling you.

I find that I am having a difficult time doing some of my favorite activities: writing and learning French. I am just too tired after working almost non-stop at work.

Even under this pressure, I am not stressed as soon as I get away from the office. I am tired sure, but I am not stressed (at work I am stressed, but not once I leave work).
—Robert Confiant 05 April 2018

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