I outted a friend and I think it costed me the friendship. I was stupid and I went blank.
I will only go into generalization to avoid putting again. Suffice to say, I mentioned to another friend (who was in the know) about seeing a post on Facebook. A third friend heard us discussing said subject and asked how they were. We said subject seemed to being well. Then this third friend asked if so-and-so was gay. At first, we remained quiet. It go pretty uncomfortable, but this third-party wasn’t gonna let it go. Finally, I said yes and left it at that.
I know now I should have said, “Ask so-and-so.” But at the time, my mind went blank. I do that when I am taken off guard. It’s not an excuse. I take full responsibility. I worried that this third-party would blab it. Fortunately, I recently discovered no one else knew. This third-party kept it quiet.
Now, I haven’t heard back from my friend when I explained to them how I putted them.
The cost of a terrible mistake.
— Robert Confiant 25 April 2018

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