Unplugged (for a day)

I left my cell phone at home this morning. I didn’t realize it until I got to the bus stop and just before the bus came. I thought of going back home, but I didn’t want to be late for a cell phone.

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It was a boring trip into work. I didn’t realize how dependent I am to my cell phone. My cell has become, so important that I rarely use my notebook tablet. I do everything on it. Read through my Kindle app, listen to music, or listen to French, or to do some writing in Evernote app, or surf the net, or read the news. I could do none of these.

It was the same going home. I dozed on the bus. I wasn’t quite asleep: I could hear those around me; not the specifics per se, but the noise of those around me.

It sucks to be unplugged. I am glad it was only for one day.
—Robert Confiant 1 May 2018

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