The ride to work

It’s sunny outside. I have learnt to sit on the driver’s side (left-hand side for those of you who drive outside of America). I learnt this the hard way, and not on the first trip either.

I wear bifocals and they are not tinted, so I do not have sun protection for my eyes. Why I never got them tinted is beyond me. Anyway, as a result I must sit on the bus such that the sun doesn’t glare into my eyes. I am light sensitive.

translink bus

The sun rays hurt my eyes. I believe this is a result of being under the glare of the incubator for two months (something I heard the doctor explain to an intern, and when I commented on it, he down played it. I guess he worried that I would act on it. I would never. Those events are bygones). There were lots of treatments and operations to try to correct some of the spasticity in my legs because of my Cerebral Palsy, some of which helped and some that only exacerbate things. Oh, well. One cannot undo the past.

The trip into work is better today. I have my phone, and I am writing (note, I write easier on Transit), while listening to French MP3s – I am multi-tasking here. The trip is more enjoyable, which makes going into work bearable.

It seems that I am all over the place with this post, but the topics weave together well.
—Robert Confiant 2 May 2018

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