The learning French thing

I have kind of let the learning French thing slide. Sure, I listen to French music, or French language MP3s to and from work (a good hour’s trip, or so), but it feels half-hearted.

I have let the study from books slide, and I realize that, although I can understand some of what I am listening to, and that I can read quite a bit, I am not much further along on my speaking than when I first started months ago.

I may need to take a class or find friends who will pressure me into speaking. I should be reading out loud a lot more too (at least this would help. I started to do so, but then I stopped. I will try this again. I am home alone three days a week – I should take advantage of this).

A new game plan: I will find someone with whom we can go for “cafe au lait” with, and converse. Secondly, hit the books again. Lastly, read aloud three times a week.
—Robert Confiant 4 May 2018

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