Every other Monday

Every fort Monday is hell. One co-worker is off and the other is out on inspections, while I am left to hold the fort: I have to answer the phones, answer questions from the clerk’s at the front, and handle email and fax (I know right) enquiries. It can get stressful.
I no longer drink alcohol at home (new rule), but this week is going to be extremely busy, and in the past, I would have a drink or two after work to help me unwind. I am not feeling too stressed out currently, so I don’t need to have a drink. It’s getting easier to leave stuff behind when I exit the building.
I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. For the most part, work isn’t too bad. We have a decent team where everyone works hard, and actually has the “team thing” down pact. It’s just an insanely busy period with special projects and the regular day-to-day chores to complete.
It could be worst.
-Robert Confiant 8 May 2018

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