I could ride transit all day

I must be strange, but I could ride transit all day., so that I may write.

translink bus

I can write on transit. It doesn’t matter how loud, or how crowded it gets. I can still write. I am not too sure how I accomplish this feat. One would think that transit would be the worst place to try to write.
When I wrote my first book, I wrote the outline while travelling on transit. I also write these many blog posts, short story outlines, some poetry and verse, all while navigating the streets either on the bus, or SkyTrain.

Somehow, I get into this zone where all I concentrate on is writing in Evernote. I manage to ignore what is happening around me.

Perhaps it’s because I am stuck in one place with nothing to do. Maybe it’s because I don’t have anything else to distract me from my writing. I am sure this is the reason why I write so well on transit.

At home, there are lots of distractions: There is Terra (my cat), reading, watching the news, surfing the web on YouTube, Facebook, Google, or Mah-jongg, or Solitaire gaming.

Other Sudoku, and my headphones, there is not much to distract me from my writing. So yeah, I can write on the bus. Maybe the next few transit trips I will try to complete the outline of the next book. Yeah, maybe I will try to complete the next outline. Yes, I believe I will.

If that works out, then I think I’ll take to riding transit all day.
—Robert Confiant 9 May 2018

One thought on “I could ride transit all day

  1. With all the noise on my public transportation route, I still find that I’m able to look out the window and daydream scenes, characters, and plots; it’s relaxing. I dare say, a little more so than sitting at a keyboard or blank pad.

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