What’s been happening

The SkyTrain and bus are almost empty this morning on my commute to work. The college and university students must be out for finals, or school is finished for the year.

I am thinking back to the weekend. I am rereading my book The Crux – what a mess! I either had an older copy, or there are more grammar errors than I recall. I quickly start editing it (I am more than halfway through the book). I make some paragraph and story repairs (flaws that I missed the first time).

It’s my fault really. I self published. I couldn’t afford professional editing (I won’t do that again), and the publisher was pressuring to submit. I gave in. I shouldn’t have, but I did. Oh well, you can’t undo the past. You can only learn what never to do (I share this with you, so you may learn from my mistake. Even though it is embarrassing as hell to have to admit).

I took a bit of a break from writing to do chores and clean my messy condo. Other than that, I wrote most of the weekend. I may have to start using my tablet if this weather keeps up. It is just too nice to stay in doors.

It feels good to be working on a book again. After I finish editing the first novel, I am going to this momentum to resume the sequel.


Let the writing resume…
—Robert Confiant 14 May 2018


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