Life. Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what it all about? Do you ever wonder about Life? I still do.

Perhaps it’s the philosopher in me. I took quite a few philosophy courses as electives during my university days. I went back to high school at twenty seven to upgrade to advance and to get my Grade 13/OAC credits. I started university at thirty years of age (I had neither the interest, nor the drive to continue studies beforehand).

I took all core courses the first two years, which left me with a number of electives in the last two years. I chose philosophy. I even had a professor who encouraged me to major in the study of philosophy. In hindsight, I should have (I sucked at science). But philosophy doesn’t pay the bills, so I shot it down. I should have taken writing, or Poli-Sci, or something along those lines.

I used to be pretty religious when I was younger. I seriously considered entering into the Priesthood. I always wondered “the big question: “What’s life about?” I still don’t know the answer.

I think studying religious books, philosophy, and science has led me to believe the answer is found somewhere between these fields of study. I sure know it’s not about 9 to 5, or consumerism no matter what propaganda society pushes in the media.

No, life is about finding what makes you happy. If you must work, find your passion. Unfortunately, I cannot sustain myself on mine, so I work. In my spare time, I write. My writing provides the passion that my life would otherwise be lacking. Another aspect of a passionate life is to find and cherish true friendship. I love my friends. They watch out for me, and I them.

I may not have the complete answer. I think I discovered key aspects to that answer.

As Douglas Adams wrote, “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.” It’s a funny answer, but it doesn’t provide any meaning. I guess anyone can pull an answer out of the air. The thing is does that answer make sense?

Does this?
—Robert Confiant 15 May 2018




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