On writing ideas

I am never too sure where my ideas originate.


When I need to write, when I must write, I find it difficult to do so sometimes (most of the time). I realized that when I am not pressured, like when I take transit, my writing flows easier and without restraint. It is easy to write.

I have often wondered where I get my ideas.  Most often it is triggered from a thought, or my experiences, or observing my surroundings.

I am a city kid. Grew up in a large Canadian city. On those rare occasions when I would travel into the countryside, “God’s country,” we called it. The get away was a great inspiration for me. I am not too sure whether it was just the natural environment I was in, or the recharge and relaxation, or the scenic view, or a combination of these factors; however, being outdoors was a great inspiration for me.

I love writing. It a strange profession though, some days the writing comes easier than others. I am just glad I rediscovered it again. Sometimes, I wish I had never stopped writing. I found my passion.

This passion fulfills my life.
—Robert Confiant 15 May 2015

P.S. Two posting in one day. Go figure.


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