Another bus ride into work

Well, it’s another week. It was a holiday in Canada yesterday and I get every other Friday off, so I have a “three-day” week.

I went out yesterday, twice, a rare event lately; you can trust me on this. I have a non-exciting life (well, if one considers staying in and writing boring, then it is. I don’t consider my time spent writing boring). I had brunch with some gay friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and dinner with a couple for the same reason. Both outings were good times.

I am still busy writing, but now I am working on my second book. I am just reviewing the first part I wrote before I continue with the novel (I stopped for quite a long time because it’s been crazy at my regular full-time job and I burnt out and needed a break).

burnt out

On my first book, I stopped because I was stuck. I couldn’t seem to get the story to flow. It wasn’t the same for the sequel. For the sequel, the reason I stopped was burn out. I am back at it and hope to have first draft completed in a few months (any volunteers for first readers – I am looking for those writer’s out there in cyberspace who enjoys Young Adult SF/F. I need honest, brutal criticism).

And don’t worry about hurting my feelings, I can take it. I want it to be good.
—Robert Confiant 22 May 2018


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