For those of you contemplating suicide

I have never gone “Ga, ga,” over celebrities, but I know many, many others do.

I have met some celebrities over the years, but other than saying, “Hi,” or shaking hands, I have never gone fanatic about meeting them.

I used to meet Geddy Lee at the Triumph Hotel on the odd weekend when I used to work there. After saying, “Hello and good day,” for many weekends. He asked me if I knew who he was, I replied, “Yes,” then moved on.

At an event for crippled children down at Maple Leaf Gardens, which my brother took me to, I met hockey players, John Allan Cameron and a few other celebrities. It was nice to meet them, but I didn’t get too excited either. To me they are just people – I know, people who are famous, or have a lot of money – but people none-the-less.

So, when they hit the news that they done this or done that or commit suicide, it doesn’t really affect me nor bother me – these things happen – but for others, who put them on a pedestal or hold them to a higher standard, these events can be devastating. I worry about those people who suffer from depression when celebrity suicide is all over the media. I worry about copy cats. This happens. For those of you contemplating suicide, I beg you seek help; go to a friend, or a parent, or a family doctor, or your therapist. Seek help.

—Robert Confiant 10 June 2018

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