I have been doing a lot of reading lately

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Currently, I am on the fourth book of The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, although I have read other novels between each book. Gone are the days I could read a whole series in one sitting. I cannot even binge watch on Netflix without a bit of a break (after two episodes, I need a break). Anyway, the point is I am reading a lot.

The Maze Runner Complete Series

It amazes me how authors come up with these stories. As an author myself, I have a better insight as to how these ideas manifest themselves. Authors write what we know, what we like, what we observe, what we think or feel, or believe; we write what gets triggered by those around them, or the environment, or their interactions with others; or we write about our dreams/nightmare. When one writes, almost anything can trigger an idea. Reading, I found, can be a valuable asset when one is a writer.

Reading can trigger writing ideas (what ifs scenarios). Reading re-enforces grammar. Reading introduces one to different writing styles. And reading can be enjoyable for its own sake.

Reading is fun; reading is good.
—Robert Confiant 21 Jun 2018

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