I am having difficulty completing this book series

Another bus ride into work. I get a few days off in July, but other than that I don’t have vacation until October. It isn’t so bad. The months seem to be passing fast (too quickly).

I am still reading which ends up triggering writing ideas. Although this is more not the case. I just felt like writing instead (I am getting bored with the final two books of the “Maze Runner” series – prequels). Five books in one make for a difficult read. It is not the series itself per second. I discovered that I get bored with series if I try to read them (sort of) back to back. It was the same withe the seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Outlander Series, or The Game of Thrown five book package, or A Wrinkle in Time Series. But to be honest, I didn’t get though the first book of The Outlander series, nor GOT. I will try again in the future.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I read a lot. I just get bored sometimes. It happens I guess. I think there are only a few books where I got halfway though and that was it. No offense to their writers, but Stanley Park and Girl on a Train come to mind. I just didn’t care how the books ended (and I read at least half the book). It’s funny how book reading can be. One can either love or dislike a book. Some books one just cannot get into even when that person has given the book an honest try.

I can read pretty much any where. In a crowded pub, on a crowded bus or train, while watching TV (well, it’s on in the background), or with the radio on.

What are some of your reading issues, habits, etc.? Let me know in a comment below.
—Robert Confiant 26 June 2018

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